It's our first official day after releasing the software, I hope you have had time to look around. I will be posting regular updates on this blog page so you guys can continually learn and gain experience. I'll be covering different topics on trading and our 100k strategy.

The first piece of advise I can give you is 'Don't Rush In'

I know you are eager to get started but please take your time, absorb the information and take it easy.


Todays Trading: 29th Jan 

Some rubbish weather about today, the software has indicated a few possible trades for us. The first that stands out is 'Houblon Des Obeaux'

Look at the comments below, 'held up in rear', 'held up in touch' 'towards rear'

If this horse starts this race towards the rear it will drift a few ticks.


We also have another interesting one in the 4:25, seems very likely this horse will drift during the race.