Today is one of them days where the weather has taken its hold and we are left with just 1 meeting. The software has found 3 or 4 potential trades but we want to maximise these trades as much as we can because we are limited to just a few.

Having taken a closure look at todays qualifiers I can see by the comments that 2 of the runners seem to run at the back of the field quite often. So this is a good opportunity for us to capitalise and maybe increase our stakes or widen our trade so that we look to back the horse at a higher price than we normally would in running.

Look at these 2 runners:




These 2 stand out, with comments like 'always in rear', held up towards rear' 'held up'

We can be pretty confident in these 2 horses drifting a few ticks in running.


So on days where there is limited racing, its worth looking closely at the runners and picking a couple where we can increase our stakes!


Hope this helps



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