The prices are too high, what should I do?

You will often find that the software flags a qualifying horse but the price is just too high for us too back, and if there are a limited number of trades on a particular day it can be frustrating!

So what do we do?

If the 'flagged' horse is too high to trade, then look at other runners in the race that are NOT highlighted because their score is below 2.5. So there might be a horse within the price range with a score of 2

Look at this example today



'Fly True' has a score of 2.5 but the odds are too high for us to trade. Now look at 'Archimedes', the score is 2 and the price is with our range.

So instead of just looking for the highlighted horse, it is worth looking at lower scored horses if there are not many trades available.


I hope this helps